FROM THE ARCHIVES: Fleeting Weekend Impressions

This post was originally written 19 July 2015.  

First full moon for spring

I’ve wanted to devote more time to this blog, and into crafting a little online expression of my world.

There were so many things this weekend that popped into my mind to write about. Things which I found interesting, memorable, funny or weird. And I also don’t really have the energy to go about arranging a really careful piece of prose to describe it. So some impressions of my weekend in no particular order were:

A brown paper bag of Black Star coffee beans, sitting on top of a small sunbeam espresso maker.

Stencilled birds – four of them – painting onto the kitchen walls of a friend’s new rental property.

A cat that I named Poochy darting through the garden at home and evading my advances.

Tightening the screws on my bed frame, and feeling surprised at how easy it was, and how little my bed now creaks.

Noticing my car steering isn’t as smooth as it once was.

Eating a Seattle Hotdog at Death Valley’s Red Robin Supper Truck.

Feeling peaceful in the gardening section of Bunnings.

Leaving my pyjamas in the dryer for too long and noticing they’re now shorter at the wrist.

Feeling alarmed driving through the Valley on Saturday night.

Losing my hair tie.

The pleasing texture of slightly undercooked pasta.

Tears of tiredness, sadness and PMS.

Hiding in my room.

Thoughts of the past.

Drinking a Coke.

Afraid the coats on my clothes rack will come alive in the night.

Dreams which feel real and recede like waves upon waking.

The skin on my face drying up and stinging.

The blue lighting and smooth silver dials of a new Samsung washing machine.

The moon, enormous and jaundiced in the early evening sky.

Hills that look like blue shadows behind Brisbane.

Hysterical giggles.

Feeling cold in a Queenslander.


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