Hello there, and a big welcome to my blog. The first thing there is to know about me is that I love stories and storytelling. Stories are what connect us to our past and also to our present. They are also the simplest and most enjoyable way to learn about the world and each other.

This is the first time I have ever had an “about” page because, simply put, I’ve never really known what my own blog is about! I like to write and post about lots of different things – funny anecdotes, nonsense imagination stories, articles, things I’m passionate about, poetry etc. It can be funny, serious, journalistic, immature, informative, confused, touching, but above all – it’s always real.

I don’t have an agenda or direction for this blog. It is a pure expression of my world, and of my essence. In it, you’ll come to know my likes, dislikes, passions, obsessions, adventures and just how crazy my imagination can get when it’s properly stirred.

Which brings me to another explanation….

Loka: it’s not my last name. It’s a Sanskrit word for “world.” In Hindu mythology the major gods and goddesses are purported to have their own particular realm or loka which is symbolic of their particular essence.

I know about this because I learnt a lot about Hindu mythology in my early twenties as a devotee of an Indian mediation master. I was also extraordinarily imaginative and prone to acts of clumsiness due to the fact that, according to those around me, I was always in another world.

A good friend coined a phrase for those clumsy times that really caught on – “She’s in Julie Loka.” And I was and still am. Only this way, I get to share a slice of it with you for your amusement and enjoyment.

So here’s to storytelling and and gaining a front-row seat into someone else’s world! I hope you enjoy this blog and look forward to hearing from you soon.







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